Western Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium (WVHRDC)

The Western Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium (WVHRDC) is a structure created by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) to link together researchers and institutions to facilitate health research activities attuned to regional health needs. The WVHRDC is also expected to assist the PCHRD in establishing mechanisms to strengthen health research capabilities, encourage resource sharing between institutions, and promote the dissemination and utilization of health research results in the region.

Its functions are the following:

1. To identify priority regional problems which are amenable to research.
2. To establish priority research projects in response to the identified health problems.
3. To establish a mechanism for strengthening the manpower capabilities for health research in the region.
4. To provide a mechanism for coordinating research plans and projects in the region.
5. To encourage sharing of resources among research institutions.
6. To develop strategies to encourage and promote the utilization of research results in the region.

The lead agency in developing and sustaining a health research culture in Region VI.

Identifying health research priorities;
Strengthening institutional and manpower health research capabilities;
Establishing linkages among various research institutions and funding agencies;
Ensuring the implementation of Ethical standards in health research;
Promoting dissemination and utilization of health research results.


Priority Area: Infectious diseases

To conduct researches on the epidemiological status and interventions on infectious diseases in the region.

Sub Topics: Dengue; Emerging and Re-emerging diseases (diphtheria, Zika, rubella, chikungunya, filarial, schistosomiasis, rabies, leptospirosis); HIV/ AIDS / STIs; Tuberculosis

 Priority Area: Child and Adolescent health

To address research needs on the behavior and practices of children and adolescents, including teenage pregnancy.

Sub Topics: High Risk behaviors; Teenage Pregnancy: clinicopathologic profiles, family planning service provisions among teenage mothers; Technologies and child development; family planning

 Priority Area: Non-communicable disease

To conduct researches on prevalent non-communicable in the region to address research needs.

Sub Topics: Hypertension; Diabetes Mellitus; Disability Studies ( hearing, access health aids/insurances); Dystonia; cardiovascular diseases mortality; oncologic/cancer studies; chronic kidney diseases

Priority Area: Maternal and child health

To conduct researches on the health seeking behavior, access to interventions, and epidemiology of maternal and child health.

Sub Topics: Neonatal STI; Morbidity and mortality; Utilization and access of facility-based delivery; Exclusive breastfeeding

 Priority Area: Substance Abuse

To cover the regional needs in the prevalence and interventions of substance abuse, including drug use among students.

Sub Topics: mandatory drug testing for the students

Priority Area: Expanded Program on Immunization

To address research needs on the utilization and coverage of immunization in the region and assess implementation issues

Sub Topics: Service Utilization; Program Management issues for Fully Immunized Child; Procurement delay for vaccines; Immunization on GIDAs

 Priority Area: Food and Nutrition

To conduct researches on the prevalence and interventions for malnutrition, food for disasters and emergencies, and the utilization of indigenous plants for functional foods

Sub Topics: Malnutrition; Functional foods; Utilization of Indigenous plants for functional foods; Foods for disasters and emergencies

Priority Area: Drug discovery development

To explore the potential of herbal medicine and natural products to be used for communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Sub Topics: Medicinal Plants database/herbarium in the region/plant conservatory; Development of herbal drugs in the management of substance abuse clients; Drug development for dengue (e.g. tawa-tawa); Drug development for Cancer; Drug Discovery for management of Pain and Enhancing Efficacy of Chemotherapy; Drug discovery from other resources (terrestial and marine); Drug delivery; Protocol development and clinical trials (such as herbal products); Resource mapping (equipment, facility, human resources, intellectual properties)

 Priority Area: Geriatric health

To collect baseline data on the aging population in the region and assess current health services for the elderly

Priority Area: Traditional and alternative medicine

To conduct researches focusing on the traditional and alternative medicine that has the potential to be applied to common diseases.

 Priority Area: Mental health

To collect baseline data on the prevalence of mental health conditions in the region and evaluate the implementation of current programs.

Sub Topic: Community mental health etc.

Priority Area: Climate change mitigation and adaptation and disaster risk reduction

To address research needs on the health impact of climate change and disaster

Priority Area: Special groups (indigenous Ps, PWDs, gender/WCPU/ VAWC, etc.,)

To address the knowledge gap on special groups and vulnerable populations for a more inclusive health system.

Sub Topics: Access and utilization of health services by special groups; KAP for special sectors on health issues of IPs; Utilization of health facilities in GIDAs (geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas)

Priority Area: Pharmacoeconomics

To conduct researches that would address health economic issues related to the pharmaceutical market

Sub Topics: Cost of medicines; Local manufacturing of off-patent drugs; Alternative marketing channels; Review of policies on procurement, costing, and marketing; Prescribing behaviour of physicians and patient medication preferences; Price structure and regulations

Priority Area : Health Governance

To evaluate the current health governance system in the region and identify policy gaps

Sub Topics: Health Care Facility Management – for general and for special populations; Governance on health service delivery on LGU level; Research development and management

Priority Area: Health Research and utilization

To address regional gaps on research management and research translation

Sub Topics: Research on research ethics; Review on Research Management/ evaluation; Research and development resource mapping; Health Research Utilization and Translation (M and E); Research and development environment and policies

Priority Area: Health technology (diagnostics, etc.,) 

To develop new diagnostic tests to support service delivery.

Sub Topics: Telemedicine (RxBox, etc.,); Development of Zika and Dengue diagnostic tests

Priority Area: Human Resources

Rationale: To evaluate human resources programs in the region and identify gaps and issues in health workforce

Sub Topics: Effectiveness of Human Resources for Health Deployment Programs; KAP on residency training programs and mismatched needs in LGU hospitals; Effectiveness of HRH trainings to service delivery (BeMONC, Lactation Management Trainings, etc); Practices and behaviors on funding for CME and licensing policies

Priority Area: Healthcare policy and regulation

To assess and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of different policies and regulations in the region

Sub Topic: Regulation on OCPs

 Priority Area: Environmental health and sanitation 

Rationale: To assess and evaluate the effect of environmental concerns in health

Sub Topic: Oil spills, etc.,

Priority Area: Health Service delivery and referral system

Rationale: To address regional needs and issues on service delivery and referral

Sub Topics: Blood Procurement and supply and other procurement and supply issues; dialysis and kidney transplantation

Priority Area: Medical devices

Rationale: To develop new medical devices that will lead to enhanced access to health services in the region.

Priority Area: Occupational safety and health hazards 

Rationale: To assess and evaluate the effect of occupational hazards in health.

Sub Topics: BPOs, etc.,

Priority Area: Health financing

To evaluate the current health financing practices and the implementation of national health insurance programs in the region

Sub Topics: Case rates; Management of funds for sustainability; Harmonization and access of E-data system for PHIC; Price differences between public and private health care institutions; Health financing policies (NBB, etc.,)

Priority Area: ICT applications in health

To conduct researches applying information and communications technology to address regional health concerns.

Sub Topics: Interoperability of electronic system; Development of electronic tracking and database system; Mobile apps development

Priority Area: Accidents and Injuries 

To assess the primary causes of accidents and injuries and develop health programs and policies to address regional needs