DOH has articulated strategic directions in achieving Universal Health Care (UHC) or Kalusugang Pangkalahatan (KP). These include response to the

  • Needs and issues to asses the financial risk protection
  • Commitment to achieve the Millennium development Goals (MDGs), and,
  • Improve the health facilities to better serve the people


Program Objectives

An alliance between DOH and PCHRD was forged

  • To effectively implement the DOH Health Research Agenda, and
  • To facilitate and manage research implementation in terms of identified DOH Research Agenda are implemented, disseminated and translated into action (policy formulation, program development and planning)


PCHRD Scope of Work and Schedule

1 Finalization of DOH Research Agenda (and HSR Research Priority List) with DOH Program Managers July 2012
2 Preparation of HSR Project TORs July 2012
3 Call for Capsule Proposals/Project Ideas August 1-15, 2012
4 Identification of Final Research Proponents August 17, 2012
5 Research Proponents Preparation and Submission of Research Proposals (with Research Ethics Review) August 31, 2012
6 Technical Review Process September 2012
7 Approval and Signing of MOA October 2012
8 Monitoring and Field Visits of Research Implementation October 2012- October 2013

Ensure submission of HSR Project Deliverables  by Research Proponents

  • Final Research Proposal
  • Progress Reports
  • E-copy of Research Data in Statistical Software Format
  • Copyrighted Final R&D Terminal Report
  • Manuscript for the Research Compendium
  • Health Policy Notes
  • Journal Article Manuscript
October 2012- December 2013

Health Systems Research Priority Projects

Number of HSR Research Projects to be Managed: 40-60

Project Duration and Budget per Research Project:

3 months projects (40% or 16-24 research projects) - PhP0.3 M to PhP0.5 M

6 months projects (40% or 16-24 research projects) - PhP0.4 M to PhP1M

12 months projects (15% or 6-9 research projects) - PhP0.8 M to PhP1.5 M

18 months projects (5% or 2-3 research projects) - PhP 1M to PhP 2M

All research projects must be completed on or before December 31, 2013


Research Projects:

Financial Risk Protection

  1. Local Health Insurance Studies

Attaining MDGs

  1. Assessment of RN Heals
  2. Review on the DOH Medical Pool and MS Program
  3. Effectiveness of Contracting Out service of Drug Distribution of DOH ComPack
  4. Health Promotion for Individuals with Risky Behaviors
  5. NDHS with provincial level disaggregation

Health Facility Enhancement Program

  1. Review and analyze the existing BEMONC and CEMONC system in terms of facilities, human resource expertise, usage and usefulness
  2. Strengthen HR commitment to PT care through annual credentialing and privileging both permanent and temporary.